How to Be A Charismatic Employee in Workplace

كيف تكون شخصية كاريزمية في مكان العمل

Have you ever dreamt of being a very charismatic leader? Everyone loves you, trusts you, and admires your persona because you are A Charismatic Employee.

Coworkers pay attention when you talk, support when you suggest new ideas, and talented people want to join your team. Briefly, everyone wants to be around you because of your charisma.

Charisma is a personal trait and behavior, so one can find people who are more naturally charismatic than others. On the contrary to the popular sayings that traits can’t be learned, charisma can easily be learned and developed. According to a study conducted by the British psychologist Richard Wiseman: he found that charisma is 50% innate and 50% learned.

You can be more charismatic, attractive, and engaging over time. This article will show you How to Be Charismatic in The Workplace.

What Is The Definition Of Charisma?

Charisma is a combination of characteristics and behaviors that make you attractive to other people. The word is derived from the Greek word ” Charis,” which means ” gift” or “grace.”

A charismatic person is remarkably humble, positive, trustworthy, and almost all of them are “marvelous.” Charming personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Bill Clinton are the best examples of charismatic characters.

Charismatic people are courteous, honorable, and inspiring. They are excellent listeners and they “natural” grace or favor that ultimately attracts people to them.

In this respect, it’s outstanding to be charismatic in the workplace, even if you are not in a managerial or a leadership position. When you have charisma, people want to work with you; they are attracted to your ideas, trust your opinion, and are positively get influenced by you.

Charisma Is Power In Business 

Social psychologists Bertam Raven and John French defined charisma as a “Referent Power.” It refers to the influence of the person that resulted from others’ respect and love for him.

Having a charismatic team of employees ensure achieving better results since employees will interact clearly and confidently with each other and with customers so that you can expect more revenues.

Considering that, You’ve to know how to utilize your charisma without manipulating others and forcing them to do things they don’t like.

How To Develop Charisma In The Workplace?

As being set of traits and behaviors that work together to make you a more dynamic and appealing person, many research conducted that person can easily learn, practice, and develop it.

For example, studies have found that people who are ready to undergo hardship are seen more charismatic by their team members, and people who have a positive mindset have more charisma than others. Moreover, what people say and how they express it may affect their charisma levels.

Remember! Having beauty doesn’t make you charismatic. It’s your personality and confidence. Although beauty is essential in some cases, it is not a crucial factor to be charismatic.

“Your outer beauty will capture the eyes, your inner beauty will capture the heart.”

With a little practice, you can increase your charisma, start your journey through developing charisma and try the following tips. They guarantee you more charisma.

Body Language and Facial Expressions

Body language and facial expressions are essential factors for maintaining charisma. They represent your engagement, friendliness, and strength without saying a single word.

Start by taking the perfect posture by standing up straight, with shoulders back and head up. Ideal posture makes you look and feel confident.

The research found that being charismatic means being positive; make sure that you have a positive and optimistic outlook.

Face expressions, as a part of body language, are also essential. Learn how to be more expressive, practice different expressions to communicate your feelings, learn how to control your facial expressions, and try to show how you feel calm instead of letting all people know that you’re frustrated or stressed.

These will respectively enhance your presentation skills, so make body language your second spoken language after your mother tongue and act as if you are speaking in tongues.

Make People Feel Good

People with charisma tend to make others feel good. They don’t focus on their own success, but they spend much time and effort trying to lift other’s spirits. By making others feel energetic, they create a positive environment, so people naturally get attracted to them.

Give a hand: Help others to feel great through offering help and advice when needed. Don’t talk more about your achievements and be a good listener.

Praise: Giving praise is a powerful people builder. It encourages people to do their best.

Be a mentor: You can give training to less experienced employees or bring chocolate to your coworkers. You can also practice empathy and give smiles; one smiles can make other’s life more beautiful.

Practice giving: always give before you receive; giving is a golden way to establish connection and relations.

Maintain Emotional Intelligence

There is a strong relation between EI and charisma. People with high EI are compassionate, empathetic, self-aware, and rational. The unique traits allow them to keep calm under stress and understand how to deal with people emotionally.

As being emotionally intelligent, empathy is one of your main characteristics. With understanding what people feel, you will be able to address their approaches, wishes, and needs, which means better relations and connections.

Maintain EI and empathy by practicing to keep your emotions under control, especially while being out of the mood. Also, pay attention to other’s body language and choice of words to identify precisely their need and react appropriately.

Maintain Self-esteem and Decisiveness

Charismatic persons are confident, and they fully understand how to be determined.

Find how to build your self-esteem. It can be maintained through setting and achieving small goals, learning new things, and developing new skills that would help you accomplish your work effectively. Also, you’ve to build your public speaking skills to be able to speak clearly and confidently in front of the crowd.

Decisiveness, on the other hand, is the ability to express your needs while respecting other’s needs. In other words, being decisive means being dominant, but with maintaining respect, humanity, and nobility.

Self-esteem and decisiveness work together to increase your charisma and make you more attractive because you maintain both your self-confidence and respect to other’s wants and needs, respectively.

Develop Communication Skills

Charismatic people can attract others through their quietness or their speaking. While the quiet charismatic persons depend on their charm, not words to influence others, communicators drive everyone’s attention with their enthusiasm.

In both cases, the common factor is ” Confidence.” You should maintain confidence while communicating via different channels; one to one conversations, meetings, and public speeches. It’s a rewarding skill that many people miss.

The good communicator, Also, listens more than he speaks. Learn listening skills and find how to show everyone that you are caring and listening carefully to him.

Dress For Success

While improving your charisma and increasing your influence, people will start to observe how you dress. So, try to dress elegantly, especially at work. Although it is not an essential factor to be charismatic, it is a supporting one that can easily attract people’s attention to you.

In summary, charisma can be summarized in three core words: Presence, Influence, and Leadership. It is a set of behaviors and traits that you can learn. Because charisma is a set of behaviors, you can easily learn it. Exert more effort to develop it. Learn how to control your body language, make people feel good, maintain emotional intelligence, maintain self-esteem and decisiveness, build communication skills, and dress for success.  

Remember, however, being charismatic; you will not be able to please everyone all the time — There’s no contenting some people.

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