04 December 2021
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UAE Jobs – According to Gulf Business, 85% of job applicants in the UAE believe that the functions and responsibilities of their position may be performed remotely (part-time or full-time).

Nearly four in 10 job seekers in the United Arab Emirates asked about their thoughts on remote working and relocation said they didn’t see a link between benefits and salaries and remote work. At the same time, 32 percent predicted that home workers would receive more targeted benefits like internet service and electricity subsidies.

As the Covid-19 epidemic began, over 21% of job seekers stated they had migrated, while almost 10% said they were planning a move within the next year and 39% said they were considering a move. In contrast, 30% of respondents stated they had no plans to move from where they were.
According to a poll of 1,332 job seekers in the United Arab Emirates, 52 percent believe that firms’ wellbeing/mental health efforts would influence or define their job search in the future.
Employers should improve communication with managers and be more flexible in terms of work schedules to better manage time and tasks, according to 50 percent of the respondents. They also wish to implement some wellbeing initiatives/events (48 percent).

A whopping 98% of the country’s 821 job seekers polled believe they possess the abilities required for success in today’s labor market. Since the epidemic’s beginning, 52 percent of applicants have participated in a webinar, and 57 percent have taken a training session.

The study also included a list of the most sought-after occupations and abilities in a wide range of fields.

Services provided by banks and financial institutions

The most sought-after positions include:

• The manager of investments in finance

• Director and associate in institutional sales

• The head of compliance

• The manager/director of corporate development/investments.

• Managing director of a fund

• Financial modeling, financial control, commercial finance; institutional sales/fundraising; and compliance are among the most sought-after competencies.


• Wholesale Banking EVP – Increased monthly salary from Dhs98,000 to Dhs147,177 (primary, housing, and transport)

• Between $28,000 to $46,000 a month for a Senior Relationship Manager (primary, housing, and transport)


Digital jobs in high demand include the following

• Designing the user’s experience

• Advocacy for growth in digital marketing

• Development of a product

• The project management of the digital transition

• Leadership in e-commerce

• User experience, product managers/owners, growth hacking, and data-driven marketing are sought-after talents or experiences.


• From Dhs18,000 to Dhs35,000 per month: Digital Marketing Manager (primary, housing, and transport)

• Manager: Dhs22,000 to Dhs30,000 a month for e-commerce (primary, housing, and transport)

Information technology and the digital age

• Competencies in high demand: The administration and implementation of projects and the growth plan of corporations and their business units

• Analytics and Data

The most sought-after positions include

• roles in the industry

• Professionals in data engineering

• Analytics experts that specialize in a particular industry

• Data analytics and science are under the direction of senior executives.

• Science of the Data

• A group of predictive analytics-minded people

• Statisticians

• Skills or expertise that is in high demand: Engineers, scientists, and executives in all fields of data management


• From Dhs80,000-90,000 per month to Dhs120,000-140,000 per month as Chief Data Officer (basic, housing, and transport)

• Dhs55,000-60,000-80,000 per month for the position of Data Analytics Director (basic, housing, and transport)

Manufacturing and engineering


• Director of operations

• The manager of the plant

• The manager of business excellence

• The head of research and development

• Lean manufacturing, leadership, and customer-driven/customer-centric design are in-demand abilities.


• From Dhs50,000 to Dhs85,000 a month for the general manager (primary, housing, and transport)
• 30,000-50,000 dirhams a month for a factory or plant manager (primary, accommodation, and transportation)

Accountancy and finance

• Finance Director/Regional Finance Director
• Managers of the tax code
• The person in charge of keeping track of a company’s finances.
• As a risk manager and internal auditor,
• Sr. FP&A analyst/Manager
• Skills or experience in high demand: taxes; financial transformation Compliance – Risk and Internal Control; Treasury Restructuring – Cash and Credit

Life and Health Sciences

• Nurse
• Technician in the laboratory
• Doctor/physicians
• Regional sales, distributor management, project management, and market access are in-demand abilities.


• There is a wide range of monthly salary options for the medical director (basic, housing, and transport)
• From Dh60,000 to Dh150,000 per month for a doctor/physician (consultant) (basic, housing, and transport)

Human capital is a term that refers to the

• Manager/Specialist, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment
• HR manager for a regional area (ideally with exposure to Saudi Arabia)

• Third, a talent and performance management expert

• Skills or experience in high demand: HR for startups; talent acquisition; employee engagement and wellbeing; nationalization.


• HR manager: The monthly salary ranges from Dhs50,000 to Dhs75,000 (basic, housing, and transport)
• From Dhs30,000 to Dhs40,000 a month for talent acquisition manager (basic, housing, and transport)


• First, a regulatory lawyer.
• A business associate
• Blockchain/cryptocurrency; Fintech/e-payments
• Construction and large-scale undertakings
• Skills or experience in high demand: The ability to communicate effectively with high-ranking government officials and ministry staff; Demand for cross-border competence, rather than merely local market knowledge and experience. a mix of both technical and interpersonal abilities


• From Dh80,000 to Dh130,000, depending on experience (primary, housing, and transport)
• Pay range for senior associates: $52,000-$70,000 (primary, housing, and transport)

Gas and oil

• Director of Operations
• Manager of the project
• Project manager for commissioning and decommissioning
• Director of Design
• Manager of estimation and cost
• Competencies in high demand: Artificial intelligence, long-term planning, and a wide range of expertise are examples of the latter.


• Dhs40,000-50,000 a month for operations manager (primary, housing, and transport)

• Service Provider: Dh32,000-Dh45,000 monthly (primary, housing, and transport)

Project manager for customer service

• Logistics and customer service expert
• The fifth step is to procure for the Pay Manager.
• Skills or experience that are in demand: Sales and influence, network and route design, and data centricity


• Director of Purchasing: Dhs75,000 to Dhs150,000 per month (basic, housing, and transport)
• Dhs15,000-Dhs28,000 per month for warehouse manager (basic, housing, and transport)

Real estate and building

• Director of the project
• Manager of the project
• Asset management of the real estate
• Affordability
• management of the building’s physical infrastructure
• Project management, commercial cost control, and real estate asset management are in-demand abilities.


• Dhs60,000 to Dhs80,000 a month said the project manager (basic, housing, and transport)
• a monthly salary of Dh15,000 to Dh25,000 for a civil engineer (basic, accommodation, and transportation)

Marketing director

• Director of commercial operations
• Manager of Regional Sales and Business Development
• Entrepreneurship, strategic thinking, growth marketing, and adaptability are in-demand talents and experiences.


• From Dh60,000 to Dh120,000 each month, according to the general manager
• From Dhs65,000 to Dhs120,000 a month for the chief marketing officer.

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